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01.WebRavor 4.5 - Simplest and Most Detailed

Since its advent, the WebRavor application security test tool has been famous for being efficient and powerful. In the past five years, every upgrading of WebRavor was pursuing the same objective: perfection. All the parts of WebRavor, from the appearance design to the core functions, are exquisitely designed, without missing any details that can be optimized.

When WebRavor 4.0 was released, its brand new interface style gives people a plain and simple aesthetic feeling and is well received by the users. We know well that the outside is attracting and the inside is moving mentally. The WebRavor 4.5 is very wonderful. The designers restructure the whole core framework, thoroughly compile the scanning engine and crawling engine again and integrate the test experiences in nearly 100 thousand real systems. As a result, WebRavor 4.5’s operation is more stable; its vulnerability scanning is more accurate and its quality is higher.

The same interface and same functions give you a brand new experience.

02.Secdomain Incorporated becomes a member unit of Committee of Communication Network Security under China Association of Communication Enterprises.

Recently, the Committee of Communication Network Security under China Association of Communication Enterprises was established in Beijing. More than 140 people from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, telecommunication administration of different provinces, Academy of Telecommunication Research and basic telecommunication operating enterprises and security companies attended the meeting for discussing the network security plan.

The Committee of Communication Network Security is another new branch that China Association of Communication Enterprises established according to the need of the trend development and its main responsibilities are: helping the competent authority of communication industry to manage and control the communication network security service market and promoting the self-discipline of the industry; communicating the connection between governments, enterprises and the users and playing the role of bridge and link; maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of the member enterprises and promoting the enhancement of communication network security service quality; strengthening the cooperation with the international network security service field and playing an active role in the international network security service field; promoting the establishment of network security service system and enhancing the security service level and competitive strength of the enterprises; carrying out multi-level communication, training and consulting service and enhancing the quality and level of communication network security enterprises and personnel so as to provide better service for the development of China’s communication security cause.

Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd, as a professional company of application security, has always actively participated in various actives held by the China Association of Communication Enterprises since it was established. Based on the experience accumulation in the WEB application security filed and the leading development experience in WEB application scanning tool in the industry, it provides effective complement for the business authority, technical advancement and scheme comprehensiveness of China Association of Communication Enterprises. We hope to contribute a little to China’s network application security cause with our professional skill.

03.For World Expo, Secdomain Incorporated provides application security assessment service for Shanghai Online.

The World Expo 2010 Shanghai China will be a grand gathering of people throughout the world and then, Shanghai will become the center of attention of the world. Shanghai will display its graceful bearings to the world through all the respects. At this significant moment, the security work has become the focus of the work of Shanghai and information security is no exception.

Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd, as an outstanding enterprise in the application security field, is honored to provide application security assessment for the application system of Shanghai Online. Through the application system security assessment, Shanghai Online can find the vulnerabilities and risks in the application system as early as possible and then repair and strengthen the application system. Secdomain Incorporated helps the Shanghai Online Channel to provide safe and fast network channel guarantee for the users.

04.WebRavor obtains the sales certificate for computer information system security products.

WebRavor(R) passes the test of Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre for Computer Information System Security Products under the Ministry of Public Security and obtained the sales certificate for computer information system security products.

05.Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd passes the certificate of ISO9000 quality management system.

Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd passes the certificate of ISO9000 quality management system, which shows that the construction and operation of the quality management system of Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd completely meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008 standard and which also marks that the construction of the quality management system of the Company has comprehensively stepped into the stage of normalization and standardization.

06.WebRavor 4.0 Appears.

Recently, the new-generation application security audit tool WebRavor has released the 4.0 version. WebRavor 4.0, based on the collection of large quantity of user feedbacks, mainly considers the using habit and feeling of the customer and is closer to the using demand of the users.

Besides, after one year’ settlement and accumulation and the research on the new popular application vulnerabilities, the WebRavor 4.0 is added with a lot of practical functions and vulnerabilities strategy based on the WebRavor 3.5. The new perfect structural layout, uniform and stable project save format, detailed and perfect vulnerabilities database, complete and practical PDF-format report will perfectly shown in WebRavor 4.0.

We sincerely express our gratitude to the friends who have always supported WebRavor again. Your encouragement is always the wheel of our progress.

07.Secdomain Incorporated is invited to take part in 2009 Network Information Security Summit of China Communication Industry.

The 2009 Network Information Security Summit of China Communication Industry will be held at the end of this week. Secdomain Incorporated, as an outstanding company in the application security field, is sincerely invited to take part, after the 3rd Summit in 2008.

At the previous summit, the senior consultant of Secdomain Incorporated gave a speech and was unanimously praised by the participants. WebRavor, product of Secdomain Incorporated attracted vast attentions and won the Prize of 2008 Excellent Network Information Security Solution for China’s Communication Industry.

This summit focuses on guaranteeing and supporting 3G and the deep development of full business operation and further enhancing the quality and security of communication information service. And the top security advisory of Secdomain Incorporated will give an excellent speech on this topic and share the experience and achievements in application security Secdomain Incorporated obtains in many years.

08.Secdomain Incorporated escorts the 60th Anniversary of National Day.

On the occasion of the National Day, Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd participates in the security work of the 60th Anniversary of the National Day with its self-developed software WebRavor, after participating in the information security work of 2008 Olympic Games. Without applause and flowers, we will still silently make our contributions as always.

09.WebRavor 4.0 is to be released.

After collecting the user feedback through different channels, Secdomain Incorporated greatly updates the WebRavor. In the new version, Secdomain Incorporated adds the real-time vulnerability statistics and display of testing progress and other functions which are closer to the use of the customers. Besides, Secdomain Incorporated greatly adjusts the recurrence of vulnerability and Secdomain Incorporated believes that WebRavor4.0 will give you a new and fresh feeling.

New starting point, new opportunities, WebRavor would like to meet new challenges together with you.
More functions to be expected...
If you want to try out the new version, please send your application form to Sales@secdomain.com .

10.The Ministry of Science and Technology signs a WebRavor purchasing contract with Secdomain Incorporated.

Several days ago, after strict test and selection, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China finally singed the WebRavor purchasing contract with Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd. This shows that the product of WebRavor has got the recognition of the most technically competent authority of China.

11.The core technology of WebRavor has applied for patent protection.

WebRavor, as a WEB application security test tool under Beijing Secdomain Incorporated Technology Co., Ltd, has well received by the customers since its advent. Several days ago, its core technology applied for the patent protection. This is another significant intellectual property for WebRavor after the trademark right and software copyright.

12.Secdomain Incorporated and Topsec become the strategic partners to each other.

In the spirit of “guaranteeing the national information security and contracting a credible network world”, Secdomain Incorporated and Topsec formally becomes the strategic partners to each other.
      Secdomain Incorporated and Topsec will strengthen the technical cooperation and research and development in the application security field so as to continue their leading place in the industry.

13.WebRavor of Secdomain Incorporated wins another prize, the Prize of 2008 Technical Application and Innovation for China’s Financial Industry.

On April 10, the “2008 China Financial Industry Storage Summit” hosted by Financial Times and organized by Epnovo, a well-known forum service institution, was successfully held at the Westin Hotel, Financial Street, Beijing. More than 300 relevant people of financial institutions and technology and industry experts attend this meeting. Many representative institutions, such as Bank of Communications, Citic Holdings, Pacific Insurance, Taikang Insurance, Haitong Securities, Guotai Asset, H3C, IBM, Secdomain Incorporated, VMware, Falconstor and DataDomain give speeches.

Secdomain Incorporated, as a leading provider of WEB application security solution, is invited to take part in this meeting. It gives a speech and the WebRavor won the Prize of 2008 Technical Application and Innovation for China’s Financial Industry jointly issued by the host organization and the organizing committee. This, again, shows that WebRavor, as the best new-generation WEB application security assessment tool for business, is advanced in technology innovation and maturity and is recognized by the high-end customers.

Comment of Senior Judge: WEB Application (Data) Security Solution of Secdomain Incorporated

The new-generation application security scanning tool of WebRavor, which is independently researched and developed by Secdomain Incorporated, is one of best WEB application security assessment tools for business in the world and it is regarded as the “perfect combination of technology and art” by many users. The accurate scanning result, easy using method, high-speed scanning process and intelligent forecasting and analysis make WebRavor go beyond other existing mainstream tools.

Characteristics and advantages: more accurate: WebRavor verifies the vulnerabilities it finds and the false positive rate is close to “zero”; more comprehensive: WebRavor is applicable to any complicated system (WEB, ERP, SSL); faster: WebRavoris 2-8 times faster than the similar products; more intelligent: WebRavor can automatically block the duplicate pages.

WebRavor - Leading application security assessment software

  • Accurate vulnerability scanning; WebRavorprovides intuitive evidence and objectively assess the security risks.
  • Support the comprehensive test of complicated applications, such as ERP system.
  • Compressively support SSL; support the strategy development of the application systems with certificates; the users can increase and modify the existing method at will.
  • The visualized report template design makes the users can design their report style as they like.
  • WebRavor has two working modes: automatic working mode and semi-automatic working mode; it can analyze the underlying problems, such as session spoofing, etc.
  • WebRavor is simple and easy; the powerful and complicated functions can be used through click, without the need of too much security knowledge.