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Q: What can WebRavor bring to me?

A: What WebRavor brings to you is not only the high-efficient working mode, but also a brand new security experience. It can free you from the complex code audit; it can take you out of the vulnerabilities sea and find out the vulnerability at the first time; the most important thing is that it can escort your application system.


Q: What is the database audit of WebRavor for?

A: The database audit function of WebRavor mainly serves as a connecting link between the preceding and the following. On the one hand, it can test and verify the injection vulnerability which has been tested; on the other hand, it lays a foundation for the following penetration test.


Q: What vulnerability does WebRavor can test?

A: WebRavor can test almost all the WEB application-layer vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, list leak, Trojan and so on; besides, it can give the relevant evidence to show the existence of vulnerabilities.


Q: Does WebRavor support the secondary development?

A: WebRavor is designed based on the XML framework and most of the functions can be freely expanded. Besides, we also provide the SDK secondary development kit of WebRavor.


Q: How is the scanning efficiency of WebRavor?

A: One of the characteristics of WebRavor is quick scanning speed. Under the same environment, when scanning the same system, it is 6-30 times faster than other similar products.


Q: Are WebRavor and Fluxay the same category of tools?

A: The main developer of WebRavor is also the author of Fluxay, but WebRavor and Fluxay are not the same category of tools. WebRavor is for the application layer while Fluxay focuses on scanning the host vulnerability.


Q: If I want to try out WebRavor, how should I apply?

A: If you want to apply for trying out WebRavor, you can click the “download for trial” on the site home to download the trial application table. After filling the application table, you shall send it to Sales@secdomain.com and there is a special person handling it.


Q: Does Secdomain Incorporated provide Web application security service?

A: Secdomain Incorporated can provide professional Web application security service for you. About the specific service content, please refer to the special column of security service of the website.


Q: In which industries does WebRavor have successful cases?

A: WebRavor has successful cases in various industries, such as China Asset Management in the financial institutions, China Unicom in operators, Shanghai Information Security Testing Evaluation and Certification Center and Beijing Information Technology Security Evaluation Center in the evaluation institutions. And even, such national ministries and commissions as the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, the Headquarters of the General Staff of PLA, the Ministry of Industry and Information of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Science & Technology of the People's Republic of China also prefer WebRavor.


Q: What requirements does WebRavor have for the operating platform?

A: WebRavor supports various operating systems on the Windows operating platform.


Q: Is WebRavor a pure software product? Is its requirement for hardware-carrier high?

A: WebRavor is a pure software product and it can smoothly run on the computer with the current main configuration.