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SecDomain Incorporated

SecDomain Incorporated

Specialized in information system security, SecDomain devotes itself in application security as the pacemaker of application security technology. Depending on the advanced and specific technology advantage, It finds a foothold in government, finance organization, operation business and electric power organization with the aim to create national brand of information security.

The technical backbone of SecDomain all have 10 years of experience in internetwork security which are well-known technical experts in security circle and the well-made example of first generation of security experts. SecDomain has been doing a professional study in application security for more than 5 years and is considered as the leading power.

As the new generation application tool for security scanning, Exazor surpasses all other similar tool, being regarded as the best commercial security product and being widely used in government, financial and telecom organizations, such as mobile and Unicom.

With rich experience, powerful technical case and acute understanding combined together, SecDomain will offer the best security technology and guarantee.

Next-generation application security scanning tools WebRavor, comprehensive than existing such tools is the world's widely used in professional business-class security products, evaluation by customers as "technology and art of the perfect crystal," the core technology has been patented protection (200920105886.0/200910078545.3).

Experience + Strong Technical Strength + Keen Sense of Smell
To provide professional security technology and security.